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dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

Original author: (January 14, 2011 18:59:50)

I am building a column graph where certain ticks need to be indicated differently than other ticks.

The increment of time that separates the current year periods from future year periods needs a darker color.

Is it possible to set an individual tick color to be different than that of its siblings?

Attached is the comp I'm trying to match (top) and my latest flot attempt (bottom)

Original issue:


dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

From on May 02, 2011 13:27:22
All the ticks are html div elements with classname "tickLabel". You could do something like this:
$($(".tickLabel").get(0)).css("color", "blue");

This will change the first tick to color blue. Then it is up to you to know which positions you want in another color and pass the correct index to method get.


dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

From on June 04, 2012 20:29:42
This is certainly low-priority, but we could consider allowing a function for tickColor.

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