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Added selection resizing and dragging to flot.selection #541

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Original author: (February 15, 2011 14:05:13)

Attached is a diff of changes that add optional resizing and dragging capabilities to flot.selection. The default is to use the old behavior of always creating a new selection but setting options.selection.resize to true when creating a new plot will enable the new functionality. The diff is based on jquery.flot.selection.js in the 0.6 release.

In this mode the selection can be resized by dragging on the edges of the current selection, moved by dragging the selection, and will center the selection on the current pointer location on a mouse click. The mouse pointers will change when hovering over the selection and it's edges to give visual indicators for resize and dragging.

Original issue:


From on February 16, 2011 16:52:01
Adding a new diff that is based on r294

@wwerther wwerther referenced this issue from a commit in wwerther/flot
@dnschnur dnschnur Added note and credits for the merge from pull request #55, and unexp…
…ected fixing of issue #541.
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