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Dragging the selection plugin #565

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Original author: (March 18, 2011 19:21:57)

I have made an enhancement to the selection plugin that allows you to drag an existing selection rectangle. So, rather than having to always select a new area, you can select an existing area and drag it around, maintaining the same size. The code was written rather rapidly, and largely cut from existing code, so probably could be made more efficient, but it does the job. I'm guessing you may want to make this an optional feature.

I also added a simple function to retrieve when the user is creating or dragging the selection (i.e. This is useful when doing real time graphs to keep the graph from updating (and thus reset the selection) when the user is doing a selection.

Great product, I hope this helps.


Original issue:

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From on March 21, 2011 14:12:26
Hi! It would help if you could post a diff.

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