Fill Between (plugin) doesnt work if no line underneath? #618

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dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

Original author: (May 24, 2011 09:56:13)

When using the fill between plugin my graph comes out like this

None of the lines above will go any further than when the line below finishes, how is it possible to keep the fill only between but have it carry on to the end?

Thanks in advance

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dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

From on August 05, 2011 09:46:43
No one?

I don't see how area charts can work without this.


dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

From on June 05, 2012 14:17:11
Area charts work because they don't use the fill-between plugin; they are drawn separately and overlayed.

You can work around the problem in your case by adding dummy zero values to the other datasets, to pad them out. But this is a bug; obviously the plugin should be more intelligent about discontinuous data.

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