Option for mouseActiveRadius to only work upwards? (Area charts) #624

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Original author: jase.wil...@gmail.com (June 02, 2011 10:17:23)

When building an area chart, ie: lines that are filled down to the line underneath, you need it so the fill area selects the line thats above it (same color).

The closest option I have for this is mouseActiveRadius but unfortunately if its closer to the line (or area) underneath it selects that instead which is not what I want at all. If im in area yellow then it should only select line yellow and for this to work mouseActiveRadius should use the radius from above not from below. I'm sure this is quite easy to add but im having trouble myself if anybody has a hack or another idea I would be greatful.

My chart is here http://goo.gl/257Kf for anybody who wants to play around with it.

-In the image i uploaded you can clearly see my crosshair is in the purple zone, but because the green datapoint is closest it selects that instead.

Thanks all in advance

Original issue: http://code.google.com/p/flot/issues/detail?id=545

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