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Draw border on all four sides of floating bars #632

dnschnur opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Original author: (June 16, 2011 11:05:47)

Bars which have a third coordinate supplied which is the bottom/end of the filled bar effectively appear "floating" off the axes and look rather strange without a border drawn at the bottom/end.

Such "floating" bars should have a border drawn on all four sides of the bar.

Original issue:


From on June 16, 2011 11:10:19
A fix for this is available from #11

The attached screenshot shows what is rendered before (on the left) and after the fix using the attached test case.


From on June 17, 2011 14:03:43
I see where you're coming from, however, this won't work with stacked bars which was the original motivation for the bottom coordinates.

I think the other option is to simply always draw the outline, but it looks a tad silly at the axes. Maybe it would help if we get clipping at the canvas level.


From on June 19, 2011 22:10:06
Good point, I didn't consider the stacked bars case.

Another approach would be to have a bars option for whether the border gets drawn on all four sides of the bars. What are you thoughts? I'd be happy to evolve my fix to do this.


From on June 21, 2011 19:03:50
Not a bad idea. If you can invent a good option name for indicating whether Flot should skip one of the sides, I think that would be fine.


From on April 09, 2012 21:39:42
Why is the border from the side that touches the axis missing in the first place?

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