First slice of pie chart missing when printing in IE6 #813

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When using the pie plugin, printing in IE6 has some issues. In my testing, the first slice of the pie chart on the first pie chart on the page is missing. It displays properly, It just won't print. The only way to get the full chart to print is to add another pie chart above the "top" pie chart then hide it after it is rendered.

I did not experience this issue with IE 7/8/9, Firefox, or Chrome.

This even happens with the example pie chart page:

Original issue:

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I've spent some time testing this on a VM, and while I don't see the problem exactly as described, I am able to confirm the presence of a white box covering the top-left corner of every plot, like this:


I tried to test against Flashcanvas, but had some difficulties getting it to work at all, and didn't have time to debug further.

This is clearly a bug in either Excanvas or IE6 itself, and my conclusion is that finding a work-around is either impossible or at least not worth the effort. I'm therefore marking this as won't-fix.

We'll continue to officially support IE6, since Flot's core functionality continues to work just fine. I don't think it will be too controversial to drop all support in either 0.9 or 1.0, given IE6's tiny (and rapidly shrinking) usage share.

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Note that the screenshots above are taken from a PDF print-out; as described by the original author, the plots look fine on the screen.

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I had the same problem on windows XP with IE8 on printouts. Screen displaying was fine.
As workaround I changed excanvas.

    // Setup default CSS.  Only add one style sheet per document
    if (!doc.styleSheets['ex_canvas_']) {
      var ss = doc.createStyleSheet(); = 'ex_canvas_';
      ss.cssText = 'canvas{display:inline-block;overflow:hidden;' +
          // default size is 300x150 in Gecko and Opera

I changed 300x150 to 1x1.
This worked for me, because my chart has white background and the 1x1 white pixel will be top left corner. Maybe someone has a better solution. I am not a Javascript guy. :-)

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