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Allow 'method chaining' for general flot methods #816

dnschnur opened this Issue September 28, 2012 · 0 comments

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David Schnur
David Schnur

Original author: (August 14, 2012 18:39:46)

feature request:
allow for jquery-style 'method chaining' for those flot (& flot plugin) methods that return 'void', i.e. those methods that dont return a value (such as the 'getData()' method);

accomplish this goal by adding 'return this;' to end of each utility function.
this will return the plot object and allow for method chaining (which is a standard jquery construct).

var plt=$.plot(obj,data,opts);

this change would need to be applied to each existing 'void' method in both the base flot library & in each flot plugin. plugin developers would consequently be expected to follow the same coding guideline of returning the plot object from all general purpose 'void-returning' utility functions.

Original issue:

David Schnur dnschnur referenced this issue from a commit in dnschnur/flot February 07, 2013
David Schnur Add the plot function as a chainable property.
Resolves #734 and #816.
David Schnur dnschnur closed this February 09, 2013
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