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Flot should alias data #818

dnschnur opened this Issue September 28, 2012 · 1 comment

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David Schnur
David Schnur

Original author: (August 16, 2012 21:48:39)

Right now flot will let me happily plot 500 data points for a single pixel on the screen. Instead of the data producers implementing the aliasing to reduce those 500 points into 1 point per pixel the graphing engine (Flot?) should provide an option to automatically alias data. I don't see any benefit in plotting multiple points per pixel. Perhaps I am naive in thinking that a generic aliasing solution can be implemented for all kinds of graphs? Or maybe its not Flot at fault here...

Original issue:

David Schnur

From on September 07, 2012 21:43:21
No, it certainly makes sense to include in the library. It hasn't been done mainly due to time constraints. If it was implemented, it should be as a plugin, since I don't think the functionality is critical enough to justify an increase in size and complexity to the core library.

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