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Off by one bug with maxIndex/neededColors in fillInSeriesOptions() #832

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David Schnur resting datadeflator
David Schnur

Original author: (September 13, 2012 23:18:33)

Using jquery.flot.js (commit: c202303) from master.

When maxIndex == neededColors at line 441, neededColors isn't correctly adjusted. An indexing error later occurs at colors[s.color], line 485.

Attached test.html: one series with .color = 0; maxIndex = 0 and neededColors = 0. neededColors should be adjusted to 1.

Attached test2.html: two series with .color = numeric index and one series with .color = null; maxIndex = 1 and neededColors = 1. neededColors should be adjusted to 2.

Proposed fix: init maxIndex to -1 (instead of 0) and compare maxIndex >= neededColors (instead of >)

Original issue:


I'm having this error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'toString' of undefined jquery.flot.js:485

Using the same replicate of the test examples.

How do I resolve this?

David Schnur

This is first of all a question for the forums, and in any case it doesn't have anything to do with this issue. I'd guess that it's due to your 'color: 0', which isn't a valid color definition. Deleting both of these comments in a couple of days.


Committed fix for #906 partially fixes this bug. However,

jquery.flot.js:424: maxIndex should be initialized to -1 instead of 0.

Scenario: if every series had a css color spec setting (so no numeric color indexes were specified), a single color would still be generated unnecessarily. neededColors would've counted down to 0. maxIndex >= neededColors would pass, setting neededColors to 1.


David Schnur dnschnur referenced this issue from a commit
David Schnur dnschnur Prevent color generation with all fixed indexes.
As pointed out in a comment to #832, initializing maxIndex to zero
results in the creation of a single color even when all indexes are
David Schnur

Thanks for pointing that out! It's fixed in master now.

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