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plot gets drawn twice on android using jquery mobile #839

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the plot gets drawn twice on android using jquery mobile.


(i had to use 2 pages so that pagecreate and pageshow are being triggered)


nexus s
(running android 4.1.1)


just tried it in several emulators - just for the record.

running 1.6 - api level 4

no problem - looks just as expected.

running 3.2 - api level 13

no problem - looks just as expected.

running 4.1 - api level 16

still drawn twice, but at the same place and only the first plot.


related issue:

sadly, the recommended fix does not work - maybe because flot uses multiple canvas-elements.


i finally achived to solve this bug by changing the overflow-attribute of each and every parent-element of the canvas. therefore it is not a flot related bug.

@CodeRect CodeRect closed this

I tried changing the overflow attribute but I still have a duplicate plot which I can't seem to get rid of..
Image 1: (graph)
Image 2: (graph with plot hidden, and duplicate plot visible)
Image 3: (an accidental offset which makes the second unwanted plot visible to the user).
I've been stuck on this for weeks..
Any help would be great!

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