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HTML Text for tick labels as plugin in future releases #871

lothar7 opened this Issue Nov 17, 2012 · 5 comments

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lothar7 commented Nov 17, 2012

This is probably a redundant issue, but is there plans for keeping HTML text for tick labels? We have customers still using IE8 and excanvas in which case canvas text is not an option. I know flashcanvas possible but we have stuck with excanvas so far with great success. I would propose keeping the HTML text going forward as a plugin and thereby supporting IE8, so we don't have to keep using flot 0.7 forever.

lothar7 commented Nov 18, 2012

Could one imagine having a way of overriding/replacing the drawAxisLabels method, so that the axis labels could be provided by a plugin? Lets say if the plugin is loaded it could disable the builtin drawAxisLabels method and instead provide the axis labels via a hook.

ara818 commented Nov 19, 2012

FYI: excanvas supports text labels, so the tick labels look fine on IE7, IE8, etc as long as you include excanvas (which you would need to get flot to draw at all anyway).

lothar7 commented Nov 19, 2012

Last time i tried using the dev version of flot with canvas text on ie8 using an real time graph the performance was bad and there was a lot of flickering. Suppose I could have another go. Still think it would be good to have the axis ticks draw method overridable

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The master branch currently uses canvas text, but the plan is to move that into a plugin for 0.8.

@dnschnur dnschnur was assigned Nov 22, 2012
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dnschnur commented Mar 3, 2013

We've reverted to using HTML text by default, resolving this issue.

@dnschnur dnschnur closed this Mar 3, 2013
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