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Original author: (December 16, 2007 11:43:25)


I tried to find out the best way to create a chart with bars.

I use the following statement to declare the data:

{data: [[0,28], [0,28]],label: “label goes here”,bars: {show: true } },

I think it is a little bit redundant to specify [0,28] twice, but if I try
something like
{data: [[0,28]],label: “label goes here”,bars: {show: true } },
only the legend is shown, but no bars. What am I doing wrong?

(maybe it is a stupid question because it works if I use the first
statement, but it seems to me that even the bars are painted twice, so the
colors (originally pastel colors) are much darker.

Best regards!

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dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

From on December 17, 2007 22:30:02
If you edit the jquery.flot.js file around line 850 in the drawSeriesBar function and
remove the data.length requirement (lines 852-3) it fixes the problem. At least in my
app. I've tested it in IE7 and FF3B1. Its in there for a reason, I'm sure, but I
haven't found a place where it brakes my app yet. I'm using flot 0.3 for line references.

I've done this edit in the pack file too, works the same.

I'm not using tick marks on the x axis so I don't know how that is affected if at all.


dnschnur commented Sep 28, 2012

From on March 05, 2008 18:58:31
Fixed in SVN. I'll make a release soon. Sorry that it took so long, it was trivial,

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