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Display ints as ints Issue 541 #57

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Fixed bug that displayed ints as floats when unnecessary.

Issue #541 on google code:

@yaelelmatad yaelelmatad Dislay ints as ints Issue 541
Fixed bug that displayed ints as floats when unnecessary

I pulled your changes to my local repo for testing, and was surprised to find that I could no longer reproduce the original problem! After a little investigation I realized that pull request #50, which I just merged earlier today, had the unexpected side-effect of fixing this decimal issue.

It looks like the bug actually originates from floating point issues in JavaScript's toFixed, which is used in the default label formatter. Pull request #50 replaces it with a much faster alternative using Math.round, which happens to also avoid the problem entirely.

I did test your fix separately, and it doesn't appear to work, at least using the example provided by lizka in issue #541 on Chrome 20; the decimals still show up. Did you test against that example, or a different one?

In any case, I'm closing this pull request, since the issue is resolved. But I am thankful that you took the time to work on this; otherwise it might have been months before we realized that the problem was already solved, and it would have been very difficult at that point to figure out why.

@dnschnur dnschnur closed this
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Commits on Jul 10, 2012
  1. @yaelelmatad

    Dislay ints as ints Issue 541

    yaelelmatad authored
    Fixed bug that displayed ints as floats when unnecessary
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9 jquery.flot.js
@@ -1196,10 +1196,17 @@
size = 10;
size *= magn;
if (opts.minTickSize != null && size < opts.minTickSize)
size = opts.minTickSize;
+ //add a checker to determine if we really have a decimeal or integer. if = int, dec =0
+ var integerChecker = - Math.floor(;
+ if (integerChecker < 0.00000001 || integerChecker > 0.999999999)
+ dec = 0;
+ // is within floating point error of an integer
axis.tickDecimals = Math.max(0, maxDec != null ? maxDec : dec);
axis.tickSize = opts.tickSize || size;
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