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jQuery v1.8 returns undefined for legendWidth,
previous versions returned null.
legendWidth is used for calculations and null is handled like a number.
Therefore a simple check for undefined and replacing with null is an quick fix.

jumjum123 added some commits Jul 31, 2012

@jumjum123 jumjum123 convert drawings to plugin
This was a simple change, its more or less a simple copy and paste
- added public function call for getFillStyle
- added points-plugin to jquery.flot.js
- added lines-plugin to jquery.flot.js
- added bars-plugin to jquery.flot.js
- removed functions for lines, bars, points in options and drawing
@jumjum123 jumjum123 change findnearby to work on Plugins
- added line to options.series
- added default function, named findNearbyItemDefault, for
findNearbyItem for given serie
- remarked existing  function findNearbyItem(.....
- added new function findNearbyItem(.....
- added a function, named findNearbyItemBars to bars-Plugin part in
- added an additional hook for processRawData in bars-plugin
- added a function for this hook, which replaces default value for
@jumjum123 jumjum123 change highlighting to work on Plugins
- remove remarked function (old version of findNearbyItem)
- added line to options.series
- added default function drawHighlightDefault
- remarked existing function drawOverlay(.....
- added a new function for drawOverlay
- added a new function to bars-plugin part in jquery.flot.js
- added a line to set series.drawHighlight to new function in hook for
- added an example to check hover and click for bars
@jumjum123 jumjum123 add edit function
- added editAble to options.grid and set to false
- added justEditing property to options.series
- renamed triggerClickHoverEvent to triggerMouseEvent and changed all
- added return value to triggerMouseEvent
- added function for MouseDown (onMouseDown) and MouseUp (onMouseUp)
new triggers for plotdown, plotup and datadrop implemented
- added drawHighlightDefault property to options.series
- removed drawBarHighlight and drawPointHighlight (should have been done
in last big step)
- added binding of functions onMouseDown and onMouseUp
- changed onMouseOver to use returnvalue from triggerMouseEvent
- added handling of edit to onMouseOver
- added show editing position to drawOverlay
- added example for editing
- added clearing of justEditing to onMouseLeave
- added copy of justEditing from options.grid to series
@jumjum123 jumjum123 changed for working with jQuery V1.8 56818be

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Update to jQuery 1.8 #877

dnschnur closed this Nov 22, 2012

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