Flot Usage

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A place for the community to share cool uses of Flot!



  • Flot was perfect for creating an interactive map of broadband seismometer locations in the British Isles and north west Europe.




  • The browser-based game Illyriad uses Flot for many in-game charts.

  • Flot is used to display the potential profitability of gaming deals here


IT Monitoring

  • Monitis, a leading IT monitoring service, switched from Flash to Flot.

  • count.ly uses Flot to power its real-time mobile analytics platform.

  • CNMonitor uses Flot to monitor LDAP servers.

  • Flot powers that charts at analyticsportfolio.com.

  • The MapLarge API uses Flot for performance monitoring.

  • Alkaline uses Flot to display visitor analytics.

  • BitMeter uses Flot to visualize realtime network statistics.

  • Flot powers NextDB's admin pages.

  • SpyderMate SEO Tools uses Flot to power its visualizations.

  • Flot powers the SEO Professional Toolbar Firefox plugin.

  • Flot is used to produce management graphics for Atmail.

  • Xtractr uses Flot to plot network packet statistics.

  • Google Analytics Evolution uses Flot to visualize comparisons for data exported from Google Analytics.


Physical Data Monitoring




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