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Spatial SQL workshop materials for CUGOS Fall Fling 2019
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Solving Spatial Problems with Queries

CUGOS Fall Fling Workshop, 2019-10-06

Session Description

Solving Spatial Problems with Queries is an introduction to using SQL with spatial extensions to create reports, summarize data, and explore spatial relationships. We will use QGIS 3.8 to conduct SQL queries on tabular and spatial data. This workshop will focus on Spatialite, but the concepts are applicable to PostGIS and to some extent, MySQL and SQL Server. Please bring your laptop with QGIS 3.8 installed. Some familiarity with SQL, QGIS, and spatial concepts will come in handy, but beginners are welcome.

Data provided by permission of King County.


  1. What is SQL, and why use it for geospatial analysis?
  2. Overview of geospatial databases
  3. Overview of tools and functions
  4. Examples
  5. Next steps
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