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Automation Scripts

These PHP scripts are used to queue tests to be run and publish changes to

Contributor Scripts

These scripts require push access to the repositories at

Queues the current commit in ../classes/ to be tested using the current commit in ../tests/.

php queue_tests.php

Compiles the website (../site/) and API docs (from ../classes/) to ../ The server-side scripts will deploy these changes.

php publish_website.php


The following commands require you to have the php and git binaries in your PATH. Your PHP install will need the dom extension to generate the API documentation.

Windows users can get command line PHP and git from the following URLs:

A simple way to edit your path on Windows it Path Editor

Server-Side Scripts

Runs all of the queued tests from ../tests-results/todo.json. This should only be run on servers that have ssh access to the test VMs.

php run_tests.php

Deploys the master from ../ to

php deploy_website.php


Runs phpdoc and renders /api/ pages in ../ from ../classes/.

php _publish_api.php

Renders pages from ../site/ to ../

php _publish_site.php -f

Pulls out all translatable messages from ../classes/ into ../

php _extract_messages.php

Compiles the single-page HTML docs into ../

php _generate_single_page.php