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BackwardsCompatibilityBreak - removed the static method fTemplating::…

…create(), added the static method fTemplating::attach() to fill its place - completed ticket #632
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wbond committed Aug 31, 2011
1 parent 4d27926 commit 32c6129d348a1fdbd74bb04f8e45371fa1669281
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  1. +10 −10 classes/fTemplating.php
@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@
* @package Flourish
* @link
* @version 1.0.0b21
* @version 1.0.0b22
* @changes 1.0.0b22 Backwards Compatibility Break - removed the static method ::create(), added the static method ::attach() to fill its place [wb, 2011-08-31]
* @changes 1.0.0b21 Fixed a bug in ::enableMinification() where the minification cache directory was sometimes not properly converted to a web path [wb, 2011-08-31]
* @changes 1.0.0b20 Fixed a bug in CSS minification that would reduce multiple zeros that are part of a hex color code, fixed minification of `+ ++` and similar constructs in JS [wb, 2011-08-31]
* @changes 1.0.0b19 Corrected a bug in ::enablePHPShortTags() that would prevent proper translation inside of HTML tag attributes [wb, 2011-01-09]
@@ -35,7 +36,7 @@
class fTemplating
const create = 'fTemplating::create';
const attach = 'fTemplating::attach';
const reset = 'fTemplating::reset';
const retrieve = 'fTemplating::retrieve';
@@ -49,16 +50,15 @@ class fTemplating
* Creates a named template that can be accessed from any scope via ::retrieve()
* Attaches a named template that can be accessed from any scope via ::retrieve()
* @param string $name The name for this template instance
* @param string $root The filesystem path to use when accessing relative files, defaults to `$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']`
* @return fTemplating The new fTemplating instance
* @param fTemplating $templating The fTemplating object to attach
* @param string $name The name for this templating instance
* @return void
static public function create($name, $root=NULL)
static public function attach($templating, $name='default')
self::$instances[$name] = new self($root);
return self::$instances[$name];
self::$instances[$name] = $templating;
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ static public function retrieve($name)
if (!isset(self::$instances[$name])) {
throw new fProgrammerException(
'The named template specified, %s, has not been created yet',
'The named template specified, %s, has not been attached yet',

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