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BackwardsCompatibilityBreak - Removed fORMDatabase::initialize(), you…

… must now construct an fDatabase instance and pass it to fORMDatabase::attach()
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wbond committed Sep 10, 2008
1 parent 0042a0f commit e5c990293daae643a9ec9a00bba2d9d072411b75
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@@ -724,23 +724,6 @@ static public function getInstance()
* Initializes a singleton instance of the {@link fDatabase} class
* @param string $type The type of the database: 'mssql', 'mysql', 'postgresql', 'sqlite'
* @param string $database Name of the database. If an ODBC connection 'dsn:' concatenated with the DSN, if SQLite the path to the database file.
* @param string $username Database username, required for all databases except SQLite
* @param string $password The password for the username specified
* @param string $host Database server host or ip, defaults to localhost for all databases except SQLite
* @param integer $port The port to connect to, defaults to the standard port for the database type specified
* @return void
static public function initialize($type, $database, $username=NULL, $password=NULL, $host=NULL, $port=NULL)
self::$database_object = new fDatabase($type, $database, $username, $password, $host, $port);
* Finds all of the table names in the SQL and creates a from clause

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