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A Social Network For Hitchhikers
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Hitchhiking enables the traveller, to have an eventful journey, to learn more about our fellow human beings and many more things.


The hitchlog is a social network for hitchhikers which makes information on previous hitchhiking experiences readily available. To a person who has never hitchhiked before, hitchhiking might seem dangerous or short-minded. The Hitchlog aims at changing this image by gathering data of actual hitchhiking experiences which paints a real picture about what Hitchhiking is actually like.

Contributing to Hitchlog

Any contribution is highly appreciated!

Reporting Bugs

Add an issue on GitHub with a reproduction of the bug including workflows or screenshots. If possible, submit a Pull Request with a failing test. If you'd rather take matters into your own hands, fix the bug yourself (jump down to the "Contributing (Step-by-step)" section).

Contributing (Step-by-step)

  1. Clone the Repo:

    git clone git://  
  2. Create a new Branch:

    cd discourse
    git checkout -b new_discourse_branch
  3. Code

    • Adhere to common conventions you see in the existing code
    • Include tests, and ensure they pass
  4. Commit and push to your remote

    • add files to git via git add files...

      git commit -m git push mine new_discourse_branch

  5. Issue a Pull Request

    In order to make a pull request,

    • Navigate to the Hitchlog repository you just pushed to (e.g.
    • Click "Pull Request".
    • Write your branch name in the branch field (this is filled with "master" by default)
    • Click "Update Commit Range".
    • Ensure the changesets you introduced are included in the "Commits" tab.
    • Ensure that the "Files Changed" incorporate all of your changes.
    • Fill in some details about your potential patch including a meaningful title.
    • Click "Send pull request".

    Thanks for that :)

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