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Getting involved with Flowable

The fact you're reading this means we should say "Thank you" as it shows you're interested in contributing to the Flowable project.

There are several areas of Flowable to which you can contribute. Highlighted below are the main ways you can help, but we're always interested to hear your own ideas of what you can contribute.

Steps to contribute

At a high level, the best steps for contributing are the same

  • take a look at the roadmap for what has been prioritized
  • let people know what you're thinking about, using the Forums
  • submit your contribution

If your contribution is a change to code or the documentation, both of which are in Github repositories, you should fork a repo and submit your contribution as a Pull Request.

If your contribution is describing a bug that should be fixed, create a new issue in our Github repository. Please don't create issues for feature requests or enhancements without first getting support for them on the forums. We are likely to close such issues to avoid cluttering things up with personal wishlists!

User support

Every Flowable expert started as a noob, and it's likely someone has helped you at some point along the way. No matter your skill level, you can give back by sharing what you know with other users on the forums. It'll give you a warm inner glow. We use the Discourse forum system, which means as you provide more helpful posts, your capabilities within the forums increases.


These days, documentation covers anything from providing fine-grained API documentation, writing step-by-step tutorials or producing videos. Most documentation is managed in a code repository, so edits and additions can be submitted in the same way as for code, through Pull Requests.


Flowable already supports several languages, but we're always looking for more from around the world. If you know another language, you can contribute by helping to maintain messages and UI, or even translations of the documentation!


If you have a keen eye for detail or even just a knack for breaking things, you can help Flowable with testing. Getting Flowable tested on the wide range of operating systems, databases and Java application servers helps everyone. There's a few common stacks we validate with unit tests, so running these on other stacks is valuable feedback.


Flowable has a long history of developer contributions. People helping fix bugs you find, enhancing existing capabilities, or adding whole new features, is what's kept Flowable ahead of the curve. We don't think we know everything about everything, and relish a deep technical discussion to help us improve our understanding and code.