Flowable roadmap

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Flowable Engine Roadmap

How should I use this roadmap?

This is a description of features and tasks that the project has decided to prioritize. You can use this as a reference point to understand where the project is going, and also decide how you may be able to help, or understand any potential conflict with longer terms plans.

Just because a feature isn't listed here doesn't mean that a Pull Request will be refused or ignored. We always jump with joy when someone contributes code for new cool features we hadn't thought about or prioritized.

How can I help?

You can help by giving us your input on the items: use cases, edge case, and of course, code. Before doing a Pull Request for a feature, it's always best to discuss it on the Forums. This makes sure we're ready for it and can provide any guidance. Find out more on how you can contribute.

How can I change the roadmap?

Talk to us on the Forums. Help us understand why your ideas on priorities or features are right. Talk to other community members through the forums - the more people that add their voices to what is good or cool to do, the better. We want Flowable to be as widely used as possible. Take a look at our Release History to see the type of changes that have happened in the past.

6.3.0 (Recently released)

  • Dynamic sub process and task support. Add the ability to inject sub processes or tasks into a running process instance. This will change the process definition for one specific process instance and it will not be used for other process instances.

  • Process instance migrations. Based on the feature to move the active state of a process instance to another state Flowable will add support for advanced process instance migrations.

  • CMMN engine moves out of Experimental status.

  • Major performance improvements

  • Spring Boot enhancements.

  • JDK 9 Compatibility.

6.4.0 (Mid september)

  • First version of process instance migration

  • JUnit 5 and Jupiter refactoring

  • Proof of concept of running Flowable on MongoDB

6.5.0 (t.b.d)


  • Enhanced version of process instance migration

  • Full version of Flowable running on MongoDB

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