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A Flow-based Programming micro-framework for Go (Golang).
A Flow-based Programming (FBP) micro-framework for Go (Golang).
The aim of FlowBase, as opposed to being a full-blown framework, is to provide just enough functionality on top of the existing FBP-like primives in Golang (channels with bounded buffers, asynchronous go-routines), to enable developing data processing applications with it. Thus the term "FBP micro-framework".
Libraries based on FlowBase
@@ -17,3 +19,10 @@ The pattern has previously been described in the following blog posts on [Gopher
- [Patterns for composable concurrent pipelines in Go](
- [Composable Pipelines Improved](
See also
Other FBP frameworks in Go:
- [GoFlow](
- [Cascades](

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