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A distributed ledger for peer-to-peer IoT networks and real-time data transactions

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  1. A set of lightweight IoT cloud server boilerplates. The simplest way to build isomorphic JavaScript IoT servers.

    JavaScript 77 18

  2. A Flowchain plugin that provides the flow-based programming (FBP) engine.

    JavaScript 35 6

  3. The training course for better understanding the blockchain from the ground up: a project template to create as simple as possible implementation of a blockchain.

    JavaScript 74 24

  4. A distributed ledger for the p2p and decentralized IoT devices in JavaScript.

    JavaScript 52 15

  5. The fast and light-weight Flowchain hybrid consensus miner. The v0.2.0 public beta aims to build the proof-of-concept proposed by Jollen's academic papers.

    JavaScript 12 15

  6. Off-Chain Issuance of FLC Native Tokens

    JavaScript 4 3


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