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#Envato API PHP Class This PHP Class was created in order to communicate with the new Envato API. For more information please take a look into the official Envato API documentation.

##Setup In order to use this class respectively the API you need a personal token which can be created here.

// Including class to your project

// Setup Envato with your credentials
$envato = new Envato(ENVATO_TOKEN);

Please replace ENVATO_TOKEN with your personal credentials.

// Updating the response type

By default the API returns an object, but with this class you can return an array as well:


// Receive all purchases of the buyer
$purchases = $envato->call('/buyer/list-purchases');

// Receive purchase data by submitting the purchase code
$purchase_data = $envato->call('/buyer/purchase?code=XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX');

These are just some examples. The complete list can be found inside the Envato API documentation.

##Info If you don't want to miss an update or say hello, follow me on Twitter: @flowdee 😉 ##Credits