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Dropbox integration for Flowdock
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Dropbox integration for Flowdock

Polling framework for integrating external services to Flowdock. Contains an example poller for Dropbox integration.


  • Server with Ruby+RubyGems+bundler installed (tested with Ruby 1.9.3)
  • Dropbox account with access to the folders you want to track


General instructions

  • Checkout the code from Github and run bundle install
  • Go to My apps in Dropbox while logged in with the account
  • Create a new app with full access to the Dropbox account (name and description can be anything)
  • After creating the app you should see App key and App secret tokens. Copy those into the sample.env file in the checked out repository (into APP_KEY and APP_SECRET variables).
  • run rake dropbox:authorize and enter your App key and App secret (referenced as Consumer token and Consumer secret)
  • The rake task will give you a link for authorizing the app to access your Dropbox account
  • Now go back to the rake task and press Enter to continue. You should now see user tokens below, copy them to sample.env (into USER_TOKEN & USER_SECRET variables).
  • For each flow you want to have notified you must enter the flow's API token to FLOW_TOKENS variable in sample.env. Just head to Account tokens in order to retrieve tokens for your flows. Copy the tokens to FLOW_TOKENS variable, separated by commas.
  • If you want to receive notifications only from a specific path, you can change DROPBOX_PATH to point to the path (eg. /photos/sample album)
  • Symlink or just rename sample.env as .env
  • run bundle exec foreman start and you are done!



  • Signup & install Heroku Toolbelt
  • Install heroku-config
heroku plugins:install git://

Checkout flowdock-dropbox from Github and setup Heroku app:

git clone
heroku create

Push to Heroku:

git push heroku master

Create .env file with your configuration (see above instructions about linking your Dropbox account) and push it to Heroku:

heroku config:push

Finally, start a worker for the app:

heroku ps:scale app=1

See logs for more information:

heroku logs

More info about Heroku deployment:

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