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Flowdock IRC Gateway

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Oulu: The Flowdock IRC Gateway Build Status

This component acts as an IRC server, and bridges the messages between clients and Flowdock.

If you're looking to simply use this IRC gateway, check out the help page.


Oulu uses bundler, so simply run bundle install before running tests. No database is needed.

Running tests

Use: bundle exec rspec

Running acceptance tests

Use: TEST_USER="" TEST_PASSWORD="..." TEST_FLOW="mytest/main" bundle exec rspec spec/acceptance_tests.rb

Running the server

Use: foreman start

Possible environment configuration:

  • FLOWDOCK_DOMAIN - where's your Flowdock at? (optional, default value:
  • FLOWDOCK_UNSECURE_HTTP - use http instead of https. This makes testing on your local machine much nicer.

There is a sample.env file which should suffice for local testing so you can just

ln -s sample.env .env

Define port using command line parameter --port (optional, defaults to foreman's default port)

Deploying to Flowdock's server environments

There's a separate repository with deployment scripts and instructions.

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