Whitestone.io submission for the audiovisual contest
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whitestone.io contest submisison

Not the most interesting work, but maybe rather an interesting story. Though I do have experience with Processing (see my Instagram for some audioreactive visuals) I have never worked with THREE.js before, nor with webGL or the webAudio API.

I had no clue how to work with THREE.js, es6 and the webaudio API. Let alone what faces are, all the differences in materials, etc.. Meanwhile I was traveling with my girlfriend from Nepal to Bangladesh. While absorbing the culture shock, being delayed continuously (taxi’s failing to understand where to bring you), the pressure of participating in the contest would give me focus and energy to keep pursue’ing this.

It was a crazy learning-experience and I’ll definitely continue creating 3d in the browser and hopefully VR in the future as well :) Next up is learning to use shaders,

Special thanks to superGuiGui for this three.js.starterkit, which gave me a good boost and the people in create-dev slack for answering my questions.

After cloning install all node dependencies:

npm i

Then launch the main task to open budo livereload server:

npm start

to build the project:

npm run build

You are good to go !