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2017-09-14 Tokyo MasterCloud presentation files.
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Run demoapp as native, out to stdout. This demoapp is written in Go so a build environment is needed.

$ cd demoapp
$ go build -v
$ ./demoapp

Run demoapp in a container, view logs via docker logs.

$ docker build -t demoapp .
$ docker run -d --name demoapp demoapp:latest
$ docker logs -f demoapp
$ docker rm -f demoapp

Run demoapp in a container using syslog as logging driver.

$ docker run -d --log-driver=syslog --log-opt tag=demoapp --name demoapp demoapp:latest
$ tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -i 'demoapp'

Run demoapp in a container using ETW as logging driver (Windows).

  • First, run mftrace to read real-time logs from ETW. Tool is already provided, along with the config file.
# do this in a separate cmd/powershell window
$ cd mftrace\x86\
$ mftrace -c config.xml
  • Then run our demoapp in a container.
$ docker build -t demoapp -f Dockerfile-win .
$ docker run -d --log-driver=etwlogs --name demoapp demoapp:latest
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