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Skeleton service for Windows.
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Skeleton Win32 service

ETW trace

This project uses the ETW setup here.

To install the service

An installer project svcsetup is included.

svcsetup.exe install

Open Services management console. A service with the name win32basesvc should now be installed. If it's not started, start it.

Test service installation

Using sc.exe control

Open command prompt and execute the command

sc.exe control win32basesvc 128

The control code will be logged using ETW.

Valid user custom control codes are from 128 - 255. More information here.

Using Win+Lock/Unlock

While the service is running, perform a system lock (Win + L) and an unlock. Lock and unlock control codes will be logged using ETW as well.

To uninstall the service

Stop the service from the Services management control. Then uninstall it using svcsetup.

svcsetup.exe uninstall


The MIT License

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