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Flowhub Runtime Registry library Build Status

This library provides easy access to the Flowhub runtime registry. It is intended to be used by Flow-Based Programming Protocol compatible clients to register themselves available for Flowhub users.


var flowhub = require('flowhub-registry');

// Prepare runtime information
var rt = new flowhub.Runtime({
  // Human-readable label for the runtime
  label: 'My home NoFlo system',
  // Unique identifier of the runtime instance (must be valid UUID)
  id: '754c5dc0-97e9-11e3-a5e2-0800200c9a66',
  // Flowhub user that should have access to the runtime (must be valid UUID)
  user: '89454800-97e9-11e3-a5e2-0800200c9a66',
  // Protocol to be used, eg. websocket, iframe, or webrtc
  protocol: 'websocket',
  // URL to the runtime
  address: 'ws://some.server.address:3569',
  // Type of the runtime, eg. noflo-nodejs or microflo
  type: 'noflo-nodejs',
  // Secret string for the user to utilize for communication (optional)
  secret: 'C6sxubeP22u4'

// Register the Runtime with Flowhub
rt.register(function (err, ok) {
  if (err) {
    alert('Registration failed');

In addition to registering the runtime, it is a good idea to periodically ping Flowhub to let the user know that the runtime is still available.

setInterval(function () {;
}, 5 * 60 * 1000);

If you have access to the user's OAuth token you can also remove a registered runtime:

rt.del('nch9138ohf2892fhgf92g8f942fh2938gf3', function (err, ok) {