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Project Idea

Programming is fun, except for when it isn’t. Install commit-sounds to at least make committing in Git more fun.

System requirements

  • git
  • mplayer

Usage instructions

Check out this repository:

git clone git://

Create configuration file with SOUNDDIR pointing to the directory including the sound files:

mkdir -p ${HOME}/.config/commit-sounds/
echo "SOUNDDIR=\"${BASEPATH}/commit-sounds/sounds/\"" >> ${HOME}/.config/commit-sounds/defaults

Create a test repository for playing around:

git init /tmp/playground

Install the commit hook in the git repository:

cp commit-sounds/git/hooks/commit-msg /tmp/playground/.git/hooks/

Test hook, like:

cd /tmp/playground
echo test > TODO
git add TODO ; git commit -m 'add test to TODO file'

Or like:

echo fork > TODO
git commit -a -m 'improve and fork it!'

Fun? Install and use with a real™ repository.

Copyright notice regarding the sound files

The sound files have been extracted from Unreal Tournament III Announcer Sounds.

Copyright situation sadly is unclear, if you’re aware of any details please report to the author.


If you’re aware of any free distributable sound files that would fit its purpose and could be shipped as part of commit-sounds please report to the author.

Fork this project and file a pull request for your own keywords, further commit hooks,… I can’t await to “Test” it.


Michael Prokop <>, @mikagrml