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3. Q and A

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Q: How do power alerts work?

A: Power alerts will beep/vibrate and show a visual alert on the Run Power page. If you're on a different page, you won't see the alert immediately, but it'll be waiting for you when you scroll back to Run Power.

Q: How often do I get alerted?

A: Run Power will only alert you every 30 seconds, up to 3 times, as long as you're out of your target zone. The first alert will be at 30 seconds. You can customize these thresholds in the settings.

Q: How do I dismiss a power alert quickly?

A: Scroll away from the Run Power page and scroll back

Q: I set up my power meter's ANT+ ID and the data field says "ANT Busy"?

A: You have too many sensors connected to your watch and Run Power is unable to directly connect. To clear this error, disconnect other sensors, then quit and restart your activity.