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Available Metrics

Run Power supports 100s of metrics selected by any meaningful combo of the following:

  • Overall (current/total), Lap, Last Lap
  • Average, Minimum, Maximum, 3/10/30s avg (T3), or none of the above
  • The following base metrics:
    • Time, Distance, Pace, Speed, Cadence,
      HR, Efficiency Factor,
      Power, Power Zone, Efficiency Index, Power/HR, Running Effectiveness
    • (T1) Calories, Elevation, Ascent, Descent
    • (T2) HR Zone, %FTP
    • (T3) Normalized Power, NP Zone, Intensity Factor
    • (T4) HR %Max, HRR%
    • (T5) Custom Metric A, Custom Metric B
      • Don't see the metric you want? Define your own custom metric with a simple formula like avg(power) * timer / 1000 (work).
        Refer to instructions for "AppBuilder 5+":
      • NOTE: The "Power" variable in custom metrics only works when your power meter is paired natively. In other words, it won't work if you typed your ANT+ ID into the Run Power settings.

e.g. Available power metrics:

  • Power, Avg Power, Min Power, Max Power, 3s/10s/30s Power (T3)
  • Lap Power, Lap Min Power, Lap Max Power
  • Last Lap Power, Last Lap Min Power, Last Lap Max Power

Derived Metrics

In case you forget what "Efficiency Index" means.... (Because I sure don't have it memorized.)

Metric Explanation
Efficiency Factor Speed in m/min / HR
Efficiency Index Speed in m/min / Power
Running Effectiveness Speed in m/s / (Power / Weight in kg)
Normalized Power Average((30 second Power)4)0.25
%FTP Power / FTP
Intensity Factor Normalized Power / FTP