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Discharge Worksheet to Curb Opioid Abuse
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Personalized Post-Surgery Opioid Risk Mitigation and Teaching

Project Client

Dr. Gabriel Brat


  • Himani Bhatt @himbhatt
  • Felipe Lozano @flozanor82
  • Neha Rawat @Neha41093
  • Tim Whitson @whitstd

Link to Live Page

  • Live page here
  • Live example (filled in) here


This project is only temporarily hosted on GitHub. In the future, it will be integrated with a Shiny (R) server. The form currently can break when unavailable data is selected, but this will be fixed upon integration.


  • Make "approach" dependent upon surgery type in form
  • Save file as PDF
  • Fix calendar svg sizing
  • Bring patient information and prescriber information inputs on the sheet.
  • Include inputs to set how long the prescription lasts and make it noticeable in the calendar.
  • Label the border of the faces in the pain scale.
  • Second page fitting.
  • Second page include CDC illustrations.
  • Second page include CDC design.
  • Remember to say D3 instead of Dj3 or 3djs (my favorite).

Potential Extensions

  • Include separately or in the same design the Physical Therapy illustrations.
    • This would require creating a bank of images.
  • Error handling if incompatible fields are selected
  • Error handling - start date before current day
  • Timezone issues
  • Should work in grayscale


  • Colors as global variable
  • Form/worksheet does not clear properly
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