Generates thumbnails for Nautilus folders (music album covers,...)
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Cover Thumbnailer

This repository is the continuation of the Bazaar / Launchpad one. This is legacy code that have not been maintained for years, so it may not work out of the box and fixes can take time to be released.

Cover thumbnailer is a small Python script which displays music album covers in Nautilus, preview of pictures which are in a folder and more.

The script fits in Nautilus like any other thumbnailer of the GNOME thumbnail factory; so you don't have to run it manually to generate thumbnails.

Cover Thumbnailer is free software distributed under the GNU GPL v3+ license, you are free to modify and redistribute it under the terms of the license.


Cover Thumbailer dependencies:

  • PIL / pillow
  • PyGI

Cover Thumbnailer GUI dependencies:

  • PyGTK 2

Development / Build dependencies:

  • GNU gettext

Installing Cover Thumbnailer

To install Cover thumbnailer, run the following command as root:

./ --install

Uninstalling Cover Thumbnailer

To uninstall Cover thumbnailer, run the following command as root:

/usr/share/cover-thumbnailer/ --remove

Configuring Cover Thumbnailer

Cover Thumbnailer provides a GUI tool to configure it. Just run the following command to start the tool: