A shell script to temporary allow ssh logins for friends
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This is a bash script to temporarily allow a ssh login using friends public key automatically fetched from online servers.

Example usage:

./ssh-allow-friend --github my-friend-user-name

The script will fetch my-friend-user-name's public key from github and add to current user authorized keys. After running the command, in a machine where $USER is fanl and the local ip is, the script will print:

Acquired key for user my-friend-user-name from github,
your friend is now able to login via ssh using:
    ssh fanl@

Login authorization will be ceased after this
program terminates.
Press ^C to exit.

Your friend can now login with the command fanl@

If you need to select a different user to your friend ssh session, use:

sudo -H -u another_user ./ssh-allow-friend --github my-friend-user-name