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Sample DApps built to run in the Fluence network
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Fluence tutorials

This repository contains a list of different tutorials to play around with Fluence and learn how it works.

Database: llamadb

A simple general purpose SQL database. You can build a lot of different DApps on top of it. Give it a try!

Game: tic-tac-toe

Simple tic-tac-toe game showing how to make an interactive multi-user DApp use circular buffers to limit memory consumption.

Take a look at the code, and try to come up with your own game!

P.S. Maybe chess? :) There are some chess engines written in Rust. Look for most simple and single threaded implementations.

Game: guess a number

Inpsired by an example from the Rust Book.

Following the code, it should be easy to build your own random-based privacy-free decentralized game backend.

Game: dice

A simple dice roll game, where you can bet on the outcame, and earn or lose some points.

Integration: Pull analytics data from Streamr

This package is an example of how Fluence could be used to calculate different aggregates over analytics data in a decentralized fashion. Data is pulled from Streamr, stored in-memory with Llamadb SQL database, and then queried via Fluence JS SDK.

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