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Fluentd parser plugin to parse avro formatted data.



$ gem install fluent-plugin-avro


Add following line to your Gemfile:

gem "fluent-plugin-avro"

And then execute:

$ bundle


  • schema_file (string) (optional): avro schema file path.
  • schema_json (string) (optional): avro schema definition hash.
  • schema_url (string) (optional): avro schema remote URL.
  • schema_url_key (string) (optional): avro schema registry or something's response schema key.
  • writers_schema_file (string) (optional): avro schema file path for writers definition.
  • writers_schema_json (string) (optional): avro schema definition hash for writers definition.
  • readers_schema_file (string) (optional): avro schema file path for readers definition.
  • readers_schema_json (string) (optional): avro schema definition hash for readers definition.
  • use_confluent_schema (bool) (optional): Assume to use confluent schema. Confluent avro schema uses the first 5-bytes for magic byte (1 byte) and schema_id (4 bytes). This parameter specifies to skip reading the first 5-bytes or not.
    • Default value: true.
  • api_key (string) (optional): Set key for Basic authentication.
  • api_secret (string) (optional): Set secret for Basic authentication.

<confluent_registry> section (optional) (single)

  • url (string) (required): confluent schema registry URL.
  • subject (string) (required): Specify schema subject.
  • schema_key (string) (optional): Specify schema key on confluent registry REST API response.
    • Default value: schema.
  • schema_version (string) (optional): Specify schema version for the specified subject.
    • Default value: latest.

Configuration Example

  @type avro
  # schema_file /path/to/file
  # schema_json { "namespace": "org.fluentd.parser.avro", "type": "record", "name": "User", "fields" : [{"name": "username", "type": "string"}, {"name": "age", "type": "int"}, {"name": "verified", "type": ["boolean", "null"], "default": false}]}
  # schema_url http(s)://[server fqdn]:[port]/subjects/[a great user's subject]/[the latest schema version]
  # schema_key schema
  # When using with confluent registry without <confluent_registry>, this parameter must be true.
  # use_confluent_schema true
  #  url http://localhost:8081/
  #  subject your-awesome-subject
  #  # schema_key schema
  #  # schema_version 1

AVRO schema registry support

Confluent AVRO schema registry should respond with REST API.

This plugin uses the following API:

Users can specify a URL for retrieving the latest schemna information with <confluent_registry>:


    url http://[confluent registry server ip]:[port]/
    subject your-awesome-subject
    # schema_key schema
    # schema_version 1

For example, when specifying the following configuration:

  @type avro
    url http://localhost:8081/
    subject persons-avro-value
    # schema_key schema
    # schema_version 1

Then the parser plugin calls GET http://localhost:8081/subjects/persons-avro-value/versions/latest to retrive the registered schema versions. And when parsing failure occurred, this plugin will call GET http://localhost:8081/schemas/ids/<schema id which is obtained from the second record on avro schema>.

If you use this plugin to parse confluent schema, please specify use_confluent_schema as true.

This is because, confluent avro schema uses the following structure:

MAGIC_BYTE schema_id record
1byte 4bytes record contents

When specifying <confluent_registry> section on configuration, this plugin will skip to read the first 5-bytes automatically and parse schema_id from there.


  • Copyright(c) 2020- Hiroshi Hatake
  • License
    • Apache License, Version 2.0