Hoop (HDFS over HTTP) Plugin for Fluentd data collector
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Hoop plugin for Fluentd



Store fluent-event as plain text to HDFS, over Hoop (HTTP REST API for HDFS).

Hoop is originally written in Cloudera, and merged on Apache Hadoop 0.23 tree, but there is no API compatibility. See:

Cloudera Hoop doc (obsolete)


Apache Hadoop dev doc


If you want to use HttpFs (or WebHDFS), use 'fluent-plugin-webhdfs'.

HoopOutput slices data by time (for specified units), and store these data as plain text on hdfs. You can specify to:

  • format whole data as serialized JSON, single attribute or separated multi attributes

  • include time as line header, or not

  • include tag as line header, or not

  • change field separator (default: TAB)

On your hadoop cluster (especially on CDH3u4), you MUST configure 'append' operation enabled by 'dfs.support.broken.append' property. See: groups.google.com/a/cloudera.org/d/topic/cdh-user/eJY6R4ii2X0/discussion



Minimal configuration (output: TAB separated time,tag,json-serialized-data and terminated with newline):

<match hoop.**>
  type hoop
  hoop_server hoop-server.local:14000

  # %Y %m %d %H %M %S are available as conversion specifications in path on hdfs
  # If '%Y%m%d' specified, logs are sliced into per-day files automatically.
  path /hoop/log-%Y%m/log-%Y%m%d.log

  # 'username' is used pseudo authentication, see http://cloudera.github.com/hoop/docs/latest/HttpRestApi.html
  username hoopuser

You will get output like below in hdfs file such as '/hoop/log-201112/log-20111231.log'

2011-12-31T13:14:15Z [TAB] hoop.foo.bar [TAB] {"field1":12345,"field2":"one two three four five","field3":"OK"} [terminated by newline]
2011-12-31T21:22:23Z [TAB] hoop.foo.val [TAB] {"field1":23456,"field2":"two three four five six","field3":"BAD"} [terminated by newline]

Single attribute with tag (removed prefix 'hoop.'), without time, separated by SPACE and NOT to terminate by newline ('message' data will be terminated with newline).

<match hoop.**>
  type hoop
  hoop_server hoop-server.local:14000
  path /hoop/log-%Y%m/log-%Y%m%d-%H.log
  username hoopuser

  output_include_time false
  output_include_tag true

  # If you want multiple attribute, specify like 'attr:field1,field2,field3'
  output_data_type attr:message

  # field_separator allows 'SPACE', 'COMMA' and 'TAB'(default)
  field_separator SPACE

  # add_newline 's default is true
  add_newline false

  # tag 'hoop.foo.bar' is shrinked as 'foo.bar'
  remove_prefix hoop

  # used for tags only remove_prefix string, like 'hoop'
  default_tag unknown


  • consider what to do next

  • patches welcome!



Copyright © 2011- TAGOMORI Satoshi (tagomoris)


Apache License, Version 2.0