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About This Plugin

This plugin is an input plugin for Fluentd ( All applications using MessagePack-RPC client can send events to Fluent by using this plugin.

How to Configure

  type msgpack_rpc
  port 9000

'bind' is an optional parameter.

Interface of the Server

The server has following interface:

def log(tag, time, record)
def logs(tag, entries)

'time' is a time when the event occurred. 'record' is a Hash having information of the event. 'entries' argument is an array of lists having [time, record]. When passing 0 to 'time', the server automatically use the current time as 'time'. See also a sample client code below.

Sample Client Code

require 'msgpack/rpc'
cli ='', 9000), 'debug.tag', 0, { 'key' => 'value' }), 'debug.tag', [[0, {'key' => 'value'}], [, {'red' => 'bull'}]])