Added LTSV support and related configurations. #18

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condor commented Feb 12, 2013

I have added LTSV(see support to fluent-plugin-s3.

Change point is as below:

  1. Added "output_data_type" config parameter to specify how data should be output. Available value: 'json'(default) / 'ltsv'.
    Note: ltsv gem is required on using 'ltsv'
  2. Added "include_tag_and_time" config parameter to specify whether or not time and tag should be output separately from the data section.
    Available value: true(default) / false
  3. Reimplemented "format_json" support: made it behave equivalently to specifying "output_data_type json" / "include_tag_and_time false"

I was thinking about this pull request.
In the result, I decided to close this issue because implementing each format increases the maintenance cost.
So we should use plaintextformatter or similar mixin to support non-structured format.

@repeatedly repeatedly closed this Feb 15, 2013
@repeatedly repeatedly referenced this pull request Feb 15, 2013

Add format_csv #14

condor commented Feb 15, 2013

OK. I agree it. It will be nicer.


Your added tests seems good.
So if we add ltsv to s3, then I will reuse your tests :)

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