@dennisdoomen dennisdoomen released this Dec 4, 2016 · 498 commits to master since this release

  • {New} Ensured that the assembly assertions also include those inherited from ReferenceTypeAssertions - #501
  • {New} Added regular expression annotations for Should().MatchRegex() and Should().NotMatchRegex() to get syntax highlighting and error analysis - #511
  • {New} Added AllBeOfType and AllBeAssignableTo to the collection assertions - #428
  • {New} Added BeNull/NotBeNull as an alternative for HaveValue/NotHaveValue for nullable built-in value type - #495
  • {Fix} Asserting the actual exception thrown by an async block now properly unwraps the superfluous AggregateException - #496
  • {Fix} Ensures FA doesn't treat standard .NET exception types as value types during a structural equivalency check - #485