Fluent Assertions 3.2

@dennisdoomen dennisdoomen released this Oct 13, 2014

Improvements and bug-fixes

  • Added an extension to fluently await an async method through the new Awaiting method. See the specs for some examples.
  • Improved the message displayed when the object upon which a structural equivalency check is done doesn't expose any properties that match the selection rules (#22).
  • Corrected the behavior of equivalency assertions on arrays typed as object.
  • The equivalency check would complain about a missing interface-provided property if both subject and expectation implement the interface explicitly (#150).
  • Removed de-duplication of assertion failures because it causes more confusion (#151).
  • Added the possibility to include a property in the equivalency assertion based on a predicate (#154).
  • Ensured that custom formatters are not overwritten by platform specific formatters and added a method to remove a custom formatter from the Formatters collection (#155).

Potentially breaking change

  • Because of changes required for fixing #155, the Formatters collection is no longer directly editable. Instead, use the Formatters.AddFormatter and 'RemoveFormatter' methods.