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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using FluentCassandra.Linq;
using FluentCassandra.Types;
namespace FluentCassandra.Operations
public class ExecuteCqlQuery : ColumnFamilyOperation<IEnumerable<ICqlRow>>
private static readonly Regex ColumnFamilyNameExpression = new Regex(@"FROM\s+(?<name>\w+)");
public UTF8Type CqlQuery { get; private set; }
private string TryGetFamilyName()
if (ColumnFamily != null && ColumnFamily.FamilyName != null)
return ColumnFamily.FamilyName;
var match = ColumnFamilyNameExpression.Match(CqlQuery);
if (match.Success)
return match.Groups["name"].Value;
return "[Unknown]";
public override IEnumerable<ICqlRow> Execute()
Debug.Write(CqlQuery.ToString(), "query");
byte[] query = CqlQuery;
bool isCqlQueryCompressed = query.Length > 200 && Session.ConnectionBuilder.CompressCqlQueries;
// it doesn't make sense to compress queryies that are really small
if (isCqlQueryCompressed)
query = Helper.ZlibCompress(query);
var result = Session.GetClient().execute_cql_query(
isCqlQueryCompressed ? Apache.Cassandra.Compression.GZIP : Apache.Cassandra.Compression.NONE
return GetRows(result);
private IEnumerable<ICqlRow> GetRows(Apache.Cassandra.CqlResult result)
var familyName = TryGetFamilyName();
var schema = new CassandraCqlRowSchema(result, familyName);
foreach (var row in result.Rows)
yield return new FluentCqlRow(
CassandraObject.GetCassandraObjectFromDatabaseByteArray(row.Key, CassandraType.BytesType),
GetColumns(row, schema));
private IEnumerable<FluentColumn> GetColumns(Apache.Cassandra.CqlRow row, CassandraCqlRowSchema schema)
foreach (var col in row.Columns)
var name = CassandraObject.GetCassandraObjectFromDatabaseByteArray(col.Name, CassandraType.BytesType);
var colSchema = schema.Columns.Where(x => x.Name == name).FirstOrDefault();
var fcol = Helper.ConvertColumnToFluentColumn(col, colSchema);
yield return fcol;
public ExecuteCqlQuery(UTF8Type cqlQuery)
CqlQuery = cqlQuery;
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