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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using LINQPad;
using FluentCassandra.Linq;
using FluentCassandra.Types;
namespace FluentCassandra.LinqPad
public class FluentCassandraMemberProvider<CompareWith> : ICustomMemberProvider
where CompareWith : CassandraObject
private IDictionary<string, object> _columns;
private IList<Type> _types;
public FluentCassandraMemberProvider(object objectToWrite)
var row = (ICqlRow)objectToWrite;
_columns = new Dictionary<string, object>();
_types = row.Columns.Select(c => c.GetSchema().ValueType.FluentType).ToList();
_types.Insert(0, row.Key.GetType());
_columns.Add("KEY", row.Key.GetValue<string>());
foreach (var c in row.Columns)
_columns.Add(c.ColumnName.GetValue<string>(), c.ColumnValue);
#region ICustomMemberProvider Members
public IEnumerable<string> GetNames()
return _columns.Keys;
public IEnumerable<Type> GetTypes()
return _types;
public IEnumerable<object> GetValues()
return _columns.Values;
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