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using System;
using System.ComponentModel;
namespace FluentCassandra.Types
internal abstract class CassandraObjectConverter<T>
public abstract bool CanConvertFrom(Type sourceType);
public abstract bool CanConvertTo(Type destinationType);
public abstract T ConvertFromInternal(object value);
public abstract object ConvertToInternal(T value, Type destinationType);
public TDestination ConvertTo<TDestination>(T value)
return (TDestination)ConvertTo(value, typeof(TDestination));
public object ConvertTo(T value, Type destinationType)
if (destinationType.IsGenericType && destinationType.GetGenericTypeDefinition().Equals(typeof(Nullable<>)))
var nc = new NullableConverter(destinationType);
destinationType = nc.UnderlyingType;
if (!CanConvertTo(destinationType))
throw new InvalidCastException(String.Format("{0} cannot be cast to {1}", typeof(T), destinationType));
return ConvertToInternal(value, destinationType);
public T ConvertFrom(object obj)
if (obj is CassandraObject)
return ((CassandraObject)obj).GetValue<T>();
if (!CanConvertFrom(obj.GetType()))
throw new InvalidCastException(String.Format("{0} cannot be cast to {1}", obj.GetType(), typeof(T)));
return ConvertFromInternal(obj);
public virtual byte[] ToBigEndian(T value)
var bytes = ConvertTo<byte[]>(value);
return ConvertEndian(bytes);
public virtual T FromBigEndian(byte[] value)
if (value == null)
return default(T);
var bytes = ConvertEndian(value);
var obj = ConvertFromInternal(bytes);
return obj;
protected byte[] ConvertEndian(byte[] value)
if (System.BitConverter.IsLittleEndian)
var buffer = (byte[])value.Clone();
return buffer;
return value;
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