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+FluentCassandra is a .NET library for accessing Cassandra, which wraps the THrift client library and provides a more fluent POCO interface for accessing and querying the objects in Cassandra.
+Installing Cassandra
+Taken from the "Cassandra Jump Start For Windows" by Nick Berardi:
+ 1. Download Cassandra from
+ 2. Extract Cassandra to a directory of your choice (I used c:\development\cassandra)
+ 3. Set the following environment variables
+ JAVA_HOME (To the directory where you install the JRE, this should not be the bin directory)
+ CASSANDRA_HOME (To the directory you extracted the files to in step 1)
+ 4. Modify your Cassandra config file as you like and don’t forget to update the directory locations from a UNIX like path to something on your windows directory (in my example the config file is located at c:\development\cassandra\conf\storage-conf.xml)
+ 5. Open cmd and run the cassandra.bat file (in my example the batch file is located at c:\development\cassandra\bin\cassandra.bat)
+ cd c:\development\cassandra\bin\
+ .\cassandra.bat
+ 6. You can verify that Cassandra is running, by trying to connect to the server. To do this open a new cmd and run the cassandra-cli.bat file from the bin directory.
+ cd c:\development\cassandra\bin\
+ .\cassandra-cli.bat
+ connect localhost/9160
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