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TrySetValue with null value throws a NullReferenceException rather than returning false #118

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When I use TrySetValue with a null value, I get a null pointer exception, rather than the expected boolean return of false:

System.NullReferenceException : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at FluentCassandra.FluentColumn.set_ColumnValue(CassandraObject value) in F:\github\fluentcassandra\src\FluentColumn.cs:line 61
at FluentCassandra.FluentColumnFamily.TrySetColumn(Object name, Object value) in F:\github\fluentcassandra\src\FluentColumnFamily.cs:line 239

I note that the setter for ColumnValue in FluentColumn assumes that 'value' is not null and just attempts to

_value = value.GetValue(GetSchema().ValueType);

For reference, I'm using commit head c210cdd.

Repro code (based loosely on the unit tests in the FluentCassandra source tree):

var builder = new ConnectionBuilder(
    keyspace, serverName, connectionTimeout: 5, cqlVersion: CqlVersion.Cql)

using (var db = new CassandraContext(builder))
    var key = "first-blog-post";
    var postFamily = db.GetColumnFamily(columnFamily);
    var post = postFamily.CreateRecord(key: key);

    post.TrySetColumn("Title", null);
    // This also fails
    // post["Title"] = null;
    post["Body"] = "Just a Test";
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